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GARADAGH Wind Power Plant

Project "GARADAGH Wind Power Plant" is going to be developed in the Garadagh district of Baku – in the industrial zone of the city of Baku in proximity to SOCAR cement base, NORM and HOLCIM cement plants (also includes SOCAR Methanol plant, Baku Deep Water Foundations plant, BOS Shelf seacoast base and a large number of medium and smaller size enterprises). The area of the site comprises approximately 36 hectares with surrounding available area making up a total of 300 hectares. The surface is a part of an undulating plain, with elevation differences from -26 m at the coastline to 100 m at the north-western border of the site. In general, within the boundaries of the site there are elevation differences - from 50 to 100 m.


Project site is located in the uninhabited area and as such is not going to have an impact on residents.
Estimated project capacity is 37.8 MW. Generated electricity will be sold to industrial customers – residents of the industrial zone with some residual volumes supplied to the national grid (State Company “Azerenergy”) under the state mandated feed-in tariff. The key client - a major global corporation operating the biggest plant in the area - has committed to purchase most of the generated electricity (Memorandum of Understanding signed).


Site is located in an unpopulated semi-desert area in the industrial zone with minimal impact on the natural habitat
All necessary official permits have been discussed with relevant authorities and obtained according to the country regulations
The work on the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is ongoing; it is expected to be completed in June.


Increasing the energy potential of the Republic of Azerbaijan in line with the most recent push for the development of the green energy capacity of the country and strategic diversification of the economy as outlined in the Strategic Roadmap on National Economic Perspectives
Creating new jobs, promoting social welfare, reducing GHG emissions
Caspian Hydrogen Development Group is also working with local communities on the advancement of smaller scale wind and solar plants in those areas and participating in the development of liberated territories in the west of the country