The energy infrastructure that Azerbaijan built will make the country a future supplier of hydrogen to the European market, the US Ambassador to Azerbaijan Lee Litzenberger said during the closing ceremony of the Advanced Regional Energy Security Symposium 2021 – the Caucasus, Trend reports.

“New wind and solar projects show that Azerbaijan plays an active role in fighting climate change. Market based reforms in the Azerbaijan electricity sector are critical to accelerating the transition to green energy. So we look forward to working in Azerbaijan in this direction,” he said.

Litzenberger also said that the United States has a lot of expertise and a lot of companies with expertise in renewable technologies.

“I know that US companies are prepared to partner with Azerbaijan in bringing renewable to the market. The best way to get US companies involved is through the transparent tender process that will attract the best offers, the best talents, and the best solutions to the challenges Azerbaijan faces.”

The Ambassador noted that the transformation of the Azerbaijan energy sector has been beneficial not only for the country but also for European energy security. By growing its renewable energy potential, Azerbaijan can become an important player in energy security in the region and beyond.

“Let me end by saying that the US is staying ready to continue supporting Azerbaijan in developing security sector and in its important contributions to energy security,” he added.

Advanced Regional Energy Security Symposium 2021 – the Caucasus, was held Sept. 6-10, by the Center of Excellence in EU Studies at ADA University (Azerbaijan), in partnership with the NATO Energy Security Center of Excellence, the Naval Postgraduate School, BP Azerbaijan, and State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan (SOCAR).